Better on Blue

Life & Adventure on the Water

  • All Alone

    in lovely Hankins Cove

  • Rugged Point Beach

    Our first pacific ocean beach!

  • Cape Scott

    Rounding our first big cape!

  • Foggy Entrance

    Delayed our start in Port Ludlow...

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Our Story


We live on a boat. Because life is better on blue. Better on water. Better on the ocean blue. Even better on a boat named Blue…

This blog will attempt to tell the story of how we were first drawn to the water, then to kayak, then to have a “mother ship,” and then moving aboard. Now we have several long journeys under our keel and are planning on leaving soon for some long term cruising. Possibly even circling this beautiful blue marble.

Thanks for joining in this journey and allowing your heart to dream of exploring far off shores…

Kevin & Cressie Baerg

Featured Posts

Blue is Back in Gear

Blue is Back in Gear

Feb 23, 2014 | 4 Comments

Dusty the mechanic showed up early on Saturday with a new shift AND throttle cable in hand. The challenge before him was getting the pedestal cover off. Anytime you see stainless steel screws going into aluminum you know there might be a corrosion problem. Unless they were coated with an anti-seize material like Tef Gel, […]

Do They Really Mean UNLIMITED Towing?

Do They Really Mean UNLIMITED Towing?

Jan 23, 2014 | 4 Comments

After a day of R&R (and fixing the engine) in Carrabelle, Blue Crew needed to make a decision: Would we be brave enough to do another overnighter or would we break up the trip to Pensacola into 3 days? With an air draft (total height of boat and mast) or 55.5 feet, we could not […]

The Big Bend Crossing

The Big Bend Crossing

Jan 19, 2014 | 16 Comments

I can hardly sleep, I’m so excited! We went to bed before 10pm so by the time I see 5:30am on my clock, I decide I’ve had enough sleep. The wind and sea  have been very calm all night, which made for a great night of rest. Woke up to 49 degrees outside and 52 […]

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