Lazy Sunday with a Golden Morning

The weather has been a mixed bag. Rainy and windy the first night. Sunny and mid 60’s the last 2 days. Foggy and wet this morning and 60 to start the day. Supposed to be sunny this afternoon and low 70’s for the next 3 days with some thundershower possibility each day. Early spring weather […]

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Blue is Back in Gear

Dusty the mechanic showed up early on Saturday with a new shift AND throttle cable in hand. The challenge before him was getting the pedestal cover off. Anytime you see stainless steel screws going into aluminum you know there might be a corrosion problem. Unless they were coated with an anti-seize material like Tef Gel, […]

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Back on Blue in Seabrook, Texas

Since the truck was delayed when we arrived three weeks ago, I booked a flight to come back down here for this last week of February. I still need to have the mast and hard dodger pulled and prepped for shipping. I had quite a long day getting here because of the 3 hour shuttle […]

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Blue is Put to Bed in Houston

I’m sitting in the Houston airport reflecting on the incredible adventure the last 3 plus weeks have been! So many things have happened along the way and I now have some time to get them into the blog. Hopefully the time delay will not lessen the enjoyment you may find in reading about our journey! […]

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Race to Port Arthur and Beyond

Up and rolling by 7am in the morning from our “Special Rescued Guest” slip on the dock just past the Calcasieu Locks in Louisiana . An amazing and huge blue commercial ship was docked right in front of us with pelicans all perched on the large bow line. Got off the dock without a problem with […]

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Hello from the Deep (Freezer) South!

Sorry for the delay in posting the last week. It seems like all I’ve been doing is piloting the boat or recovering from said piloting experience! đŸ˜‰ Anyway, Mary Sapp of our beloved Blue Crew took the time to write out a little synopsis of our last several days. I hope to fill in more […]

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Do They Really Mean UNLIMITED Towing?

After a day of R&R (and fixing the engine) in Carrabelle, Blue Crew needed to make a decision: Would we be brave enough to do another overnighter or would we break up the trip to Pensacola into 3 days? With an air draft (total height of boat and mast) or 55.5 feet, we could not […]

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Perky is Fixed!

Felt good to be at a dock last night and all of Blue Crew slept great! Went to check in at the office and discovered they had a free breakfast until 9:30am – wait a sec, it’s 9:26! No problem, people here in the south are all so friendly and accommodating! “We’ll keep it open […]

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